Regulation & the ECMC

The Colorado Energy and Carbon Management Commission regulates oil and gas activities in Colorado through . . .

Enforcement: The Commission has a robust enforcement program to ensure operator compliance. Information, data and guidance regarding the ECMC's Enforcement Program can be found here.
Financial Assurance: The Commission requires oil and gas operators to provide financial assurance for plugging wells, abandoning production facilities, reclaiming locations, and complying with environmental rules associated with non-well operations, facilities, and remediation projects.
Flowlines: The Commission has both engineering and inspection personnel to ensure flowlines meet Colorado regulations.
Forms: The Commission has established official forms that operators and others are required to use for communications with the agency.
Operator Guidance: The Commission provides detailed and timely guidance to operators with regards to the rules, regulations, policies, and relevant forms currently in effect.
Orphaned Well Program: The Commission Orphaned Well Program identifies, prioritizes, and addresses oil and gas wells, locations, and production facilities statewide for which there are no known responsible parties (“Orphaned Wells or Sites”) or for which financial assurance instruments have been claimed.
Policies: The Commission establishes policies that provide detailed guidelines and clarity within the rules and regulations framework.
Rules: The Commission provides rules and regulations to establish operational standards and requirements for industry activity in the state.
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