Permits Help and Information

Permit Help Documents

The guides below provide details on finding the pending applications and evaluating associated information and submitting comments on the applications.

How to Comment on OGDPs During OGLA Review (March 2021)
How to Find the Status of an OGDP (March 2021)
10 tips for making effective public comments (CDPHE)

Approved Permit Numbers at a Glance

Below are permit numbers for Form 2’s, Form 2A’s, OGDP’s, and CAPs which are updated monthly for the current year.

Form 2A & Form 2 Status Summary (Updated Monthly)
Oil and Gas Development Plan (OGDP) and Comprehensive Area Plans (CAPs) Status Summary (Updated Monthly)

OGDP Pre-Application Consultation Requests

A Pre-Application consultation is a way for Operators to outline their proposed project and receive general feedback from the ECMC and help identify potential issues prior to the application submission. These are voluntary meetings requested by the Operator; they are not required but are encouraged, especially for unique locations or projects. This consultation is not for public comment or for public participation.

An Operator Pre-application consultation can be requested by completing the form linked below and emailing to

Pre-Application Meeting Request Form