About the ECMC

Our Mission

The mission of the Colorado Energy & Carbon Management Commission (ECMC) is to regulate the development and production of the natural resources of oil and gas in the state of Colorado in a manner that protects public health, safety, welfare, the environment and wildlife resources. Our agency seeks to serve, solicit participation from, and maintain working relationships with all those having an interest in Colorado's oil and gas natural resources.

In her role as the ECMC Director, Julie Murphy leverages her knowledge of complex issues facing natural resource management from the policy, technical, and legal perspectives, and works with Colorado’s diverse oil and gas stakeholders to find common sense, consensus solutions.

Following the passing of SB 19-181, Murphy has led the division’s transition that includes successfully completing Mission Change, Flowline, Wellbore Integrity, and Financial Assurance rulemakings; leading Staff from a historically volunteer-led commission to a professional commission structure; and, increasing and aligning resources and Staff to address the increase in the volume and complexity of workload from the newly implemented rules.

Murphy’s vision for the ECMC is for a division that demonstrates integrity, transparency, provides the highest levels of service to all stakeholders, and while administering oil and gas rules that are protective of public health, safety, welfare, wildlife and the environment.

Prior to her current appointment on July 1, 2020, Murphy served at different roles at ECMC including Chief of Staff and Senior Policy Advisory, Director, and the Hearings and Regulatory Affairs Manager. She was an Assistant Attorney General representing the Commission and the Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety. In the private sector, Julie spent 5 years representing clients in land use, natural resources, private property, and environmental disputes.

Murphy earned a B.S. in Wildlife Biology, Kansas State University; a Master of Earth and Environmental Resources Management and J.D. from the University of South Carolina; and a Masters of Studies in Environmental Law from the Vermont Law School. As a Denver native, she can be found exploring the wilderness with Ben and their sons Walter and Arthur on foot, in a raft, or on skis when not working.