Form 29, Local Government Information (Rule 215.a)

A Local Government will submit a Form 29 to provide written notice to the Commission of the following:

  • The Local Governmental Designee, including the name, address, telephone number, electronic mail address, local emergency dispatch, and other emergency numbers of the Local Government. (Rule 215.a.)
  • The electronic mail address for accurate notification from the Commission or the Director when there is no Local Governmental Designee. (Rule 215.b.)
  • The waiver of the right to receive notice under any or all of the Commission’s Rules. (Rule 302.f.(1)A.)
  • Certification of the choice not to regulate the siting of Oil and Gas Locations. (Rule 302.f.(1)B.)
  • Withdrawal of a waiver or certification. (Rule 302.f.(3).)
Per Rule 215.a.(3), a Local Governmental Designee will submit a Form 29 with a confidentiality agreement to request the Geographic Information System (“GIS”) data submitted through Form 12, Gas Facility Registration and Form 44, Flowline Report.

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